Dirty Brew

Dirty Brew Is a Southern Heavy Metal Band from Brisbane City Australia and was formed in 2013. After a few of lineup changes early on, the current members formed in mid 2016. Instantly the energy coming out of the jam room was electric! This lineup had solid rock chemistry and while the initial sound was based around Southern Metal, Dirty Brew wound up with a sound all of their own.

Dirty Brew started playing regular gigs, recorded some songs, and the bands popularity took off immediately. Dirty Brew were interviewed on local radio station 4ZZZ, which also gave the bands music radio airplay in the past year, Dirty Brew has had a facebook following numbering in the thousands, and this continues to grow at a rapid rate.

Moving forward as a strong 5 piece southern metal outfit from Brisbane, Australia, Dirty Brew are ready to set out and play all over the world!